Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TRAFFYCK (Lazlo Horvath Thriller)

TRAFFYCK—sequel to CHERNOBYL MURDERS (Lazlo Horvath Thriller) "While researching this serious topic, the terror of victims and families became real. If one compassionate and vigilant reader meeting brave rescuers helps to save one victim, this will be enough." ~ Michael Beres

"As chilling as Kiev in winter, TRAFFYCK is a thrilling tale of crime and geopolitics, leaping from Ukraine to the U.S. and back again. Populated with complex and appealing—or terrifying—characters, the story offers up a glimpse of life in a ruthless but little-known underworld, in which specters from the past—among them Chernobyl—arise at every turn."~ Jeffery Deaver, Worldwide Best-Selling Author of The Bone Collector

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