Thursday, November 12, 2009

Traffyck, GPS, Hedge Trimming, and Theorems -- a short story in parts

On a sunny Saturday morning, after drinking an entire pot of coffee in the cool breeze of my north-facing back porch, I wash up, dress, and go into my garage where the GPS unit awakens to the sound of my voice. My old car had a portable GPS suctioned to its windshield like a tongue, but did not have voice recognition and fell off whenever I parked in the sun. I enunciate the address I have found on an alumni people-finder site to the GPS lady and she starts me off on my journey through time in my new car. I ask if there are any traffic problems and she says there are not. Little does she know that when I vocalized the word "traffic," inside my head I visualized the all caps form of the title of my new novel, TRAFFYCK. be continued

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