Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Here is the cover for the new novel just released. Medallion put the quote I received from Jeffery Deaver on the cover. Jeffery was very kind to me at a Mystery Writers of America convention earlier this year and agreed to read a pre-release. He read some chapters overnight at the convention and approached me the next day when we were on a panel together saying he really liked the novel and my style. I was very flattered. I'm sure you can't read the fine print on the cover to the left, so here it is:
"As chilling as Kiev in winter, TRAFFYCK is a thrilling tale of crime and geopolitics, leaping from Ukraine to the U.S. and back again. Populated with complex and appealing--or terrifying--characters, the story offers up a glimpse of life in a ruthless but little-known underworld, in which specters from the past--among them Chernobyl--arise at every turn."
~Jeffery Deaver, Worldwide Best-Selling Author of THE BONE COLLECTOR

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