Thursday, August 13, 2020

Extinction Village

I tried to type in a new blog and the blogger app says there is a new interface. Well, the damn thing doesn't work! Here is a new book: This is similar to the last book, but on steroids. Living in the world today, especially in a country ruled by a buffoon whose only goal is the daily news cycle has worn on me. It has shaped my writing and my thinking. Are we screwed? EXTINCTION VILLAGE: Climate change rages…Pandemics come and go…Oligarchs rule. A world made “great” by ignorance is in trouble. Fenced off and fenced in at a retirement community. Play a little golf, have some booze, and watch for wild dogs while flipping meat substitute on the grill. Can gates, razor wire, contact tracing, and drone security save them from extinction? An AI flown hybrid airliner heading to Orlando crash lands on a golf course. Although isolated, Latin Villages residents golf, socialize, and shop at malls. They survive on protein grown in vertical farms, micro-filtered hydration drinks, and alcohol. After the crash we’re treated to a microcosm of Earth on the brink. “We’re going away. Pack your shit, folks.”—George Carlin.

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